The biggest hassles for AirBnB hosts

The Five Biggest Hassles For AirBnB Hosts

Every wanted to travel more and work less? Well, believe it or not, a lot of people are making this idea a reality by leveraging technologies such as AirBnB. While a lot of people find the idea of being an AirBnB Host appealing, they fear that they won’t enjoy it in practice. Even though renting out a home or room on AirBnB can be a great source of income, many are too nervous to take advantage of it.

When you know what can go wrong for AirBnB hosts, it’s easier to determine whether or not you want to take the risk. Below, you’ll find some of the biggest hassles for AirBnB hosts.

1. Guests Will Try To Stretch Boundaries

If you don’t set clear limits, there are some guests that will happily walk all over you. They’ll drink your alcohol, raid your fridge, and make a big mess all over your house.

If you want to be an AirBnB host, you need to make sure you set strict rules in advance. If you see a guest try to bend those rules, you need to speak up. Show them that you won’t let anything slide.

2. You’ll Have To Spend Time On Your Listing

There’s more to making money on AirBnB than throwing a picture or two up online. You’ll have to make sure you set competitive prices and provide lots of clear pictures. Unless you live in an amazing area — like say, a few blocks away from the site of this year’s Superbowl — you won’t be able to rent out a room unless you put in some effort.

3. Watch Out For Pets

People love to travel with their animals, especially people who use AirBnB. A lot of people prefer to rent out space because the rules hosts have aren’t as strict as the rules hotels use.

Unfortunately, pets tend to make a lot of messes. If you decide that you’re willing to allow pets, make sure that you set some limits. It’s one thing to let a person bring a small dog, but an entire entourage of animals is something else entirely.



4. Payment Scams

Sometimes, you’ll see a guest offer to pay you directly instead of paying through the AirBnB site. They may suggest this method of payment as a way of saving you both money. After all, AirBnB will take a portion of your earnings for themselves.

However, asking for an alternate payment method is a huge red flag. When guest use AirBnB, hosts are guaranteed to get their money. If they don’t use AirBnB, hosts may wind up with no recourse. They may wind up cheating you out of some of your profits, or bail on paying entirely.


Rental Property
Rental Property


5. Guests Who Love To Haggle

People love a bargain, but a real haggler is only going to be a source of stress for an AirBnB host. If a guest keeps fighting over $5 or $10 dollars, they’ll probably fight out about more things later on. Unless you really need the money, it’s better to refuse them and wait for a guest who’ll be easier to work with.