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Personal Information has been nicely thought-out to make certain that all customers may input this site without needing to differentiate themselves or disclose any personal particulars. All voluntary private information supplied to this site by visitors because for enquiry or to enrol to get a user identification and password is shielded. The private information is just used for its purpose by which it was supplied or intended. Our site will never disclose, share or sell the personal information supplied by this site.

Accuracy of Data
The information on this site is for general information purposes only. The info is accurate and true as of this date of composing. All articles and data on this site may well be altered or updated without notice. Our sites makes every attempt to make certain all articles and data published on this site is accurate and current.

Log Files

All websites collect a form of data in the log files, we do also. Typically speaking, the information in the log files include your IP address, information on your browse session, a few cookie details and personal preferences. All in all, these functions are used to improve your browsing experience. We have taken measures to ensure the basic information we do collect is safe and secure at all times. We do this by investing heavily in our server security and software that is years head of the game.

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